Safe-T-Stop at Osborne Park Mazda

Osborne Park Mazda is committed to safer motoring

Are you brakes really safe?

You never know when you will need to stop in a hurry. Most of us trust that our car's brakes will work effectively when we really need them to, and rely on regular service inspections to check that they are in good working order. Every workshop will 'check' your brakes, but very few can actually "test" your brakes. This is where the Safe-T-Stop testing centres are different.

You can trust your family's safety to a Safe-T-Stop test. It provides an added safety check that goes beyond a general inspection and road test to scientifically test your braking capacity and ensure maximum stopping performance.

Increase your tyre life and fuel efficiency

The Safe-T-Stop test includes an electronic tyre wear check that not only adds to your car's safety but can save you money. Safe-T-Stop tests your wheel alignment on both front and rear axles and the actual drag from your tyres on the road surface. Having your wheels correctly aligned ensures you have the right amount of 'rubber on the road' therefore reducing the wear and tear on your tyres which means you don't have to replace them as often. Correct alignment also means better fuel consumption.

What your Safe-T-Stop Test Report Includes

  • Detects dangerous side to side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that can cause a vehicle to lose control
  • Checks drag / alignment on both front and rear axles to guarantee maximum tyre performance
  • Measures ride quality by testing the rebound and oscillation of the suspension, from firm to soft
  • Measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge
  • Gives an accurate, easy to read printout of the vehicle's performance with date/time stamped photo proof that the test has been completed on YOUR vehicle
Safe T Stop test at Osborne PArk Mazda

Think Safety, with a Safe-T-Stop test at Osborne Park Mazda

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