Batteries at Osborne Park Mazda


At Osborne Park Mazda we stock a wide variety of Exide Batteries. All batteries come with a great warranty period and can be installed on site by our qualified technicians.

Ask our friendly service staff about our Exide range during a regular service or complimentary battery check. 

Exide Batteries

Exide Extra

Exide's premium product and is perfect for the high electrical demands of late model vehicles. Includes a 36 month warranty. 

Exide Batteries

Exide 4X4 & Commercial

Call in to find out more about our range of Exide 4X4 and commercial vehicle batteries.

Exide Batteries

Exide Endurance

Our entry level battery is sealed, maintenance free and comes with a 24 month warranty. 

Exide Batteries

Exide Endurance Plus

This battery is suitable for popular European model cars as well as Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon models. 

Exide Batteries

Exide Extreme

This battery is built to suit our rugged Australian environment. This battery is easily maintainable as you can top up and further extend the battery life. 

Exide Batteries