23 March 2020

Mazda Receives Top Results in Customer Satisfaction

Mazda Exterior

Roy Morgan Survey and JD Power Report shows Mazda leading the way.

Mazda has recently received top results in two prominent customer satisfaction surveys, the 2019 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards and the 2019 JD Power report.

Scoring an impressive 93.8 percent, Mazda finished third in Roy Morgan’s ‘Best of the Best’ Awards, just behind Lexus and Google Pixel Phone.

50,000 overall annual responders were surveyed face-to-face in person or via Skype and asked a range of questions regarding customer service and overall satisfaction. Findings were then collated based on cumulative monthly rolling averages. To qualify for the award, organisations must have had a sample size of at least 100 customers from the annual field to count.

Mazda Interior

Roy Morgan noted what made Mazda’s high score so impressive is the fact they sell 10 times more cars than Lexus, which netted Mazda the prestigious title of ‘Major Car Manufacturer of the Year’.

Mazda Australia has long focused on providing exceptional customer service, and to have that confirmed by customers through Roy Morgan’s independent research tells us that we’re on the right track.

- Alastair Doak, Mazda Australia’s Marketing Director

But the accolades didn’t stop there. Mazda also topped the charts in the recent, 2019 JD Power customer service satisfaction report, for an exceptional, fourth year in a row. With an impressive score of 819/1000, Mazda demonstrated their dedication to their customers time and time again, comfortably leading the pack with Toyota (799) and Honda (793) finishing second and third respectively.


When asked what was next for Mazda within the customer service and satisfaction sector, Alastair Doak affirms that “Mazda Australia’s commitment to constantly improving its customer service will see us soon kick off a Guaranteed Future Value program for customers, Mazda Assured. And, for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, we’ll continue to innovate in pursuit of the ultimate customer experience and in bringing new and exciting products to market.”

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