News from the Team at Osborne Park Mazda

  1. 18 December 2019

    Hill Descent Control & Hill Start Assist

    We take a comprehensive look at Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist, two safety features across the Mazda range designed to make life navigating inclines in your Mazda easier.

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  2. 9 December 2019

    Step Up to New Mazda2

    Fresh for 2020, New Mazda2 boasts a number of style enhancements and high-tech features never before available in the small car segment.

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  3. 3 December 2019

    All New Mazda CX-30 Specs and Pricing Revealed

    The next generation of SUV has almost arrived. All-New Mazda CX-30 pairs practical dimensions and stunning design, with high-tech features.

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  4. 15 November 2019

    Next-Gen Mazda3. Now Drive's Best Small Car of the Year

    The much lauded Next-Gen Mazda3 has been named Best Small Car in the hotly contested 2020 Drive Car of the Year Awards.

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  5. 23 October 2019

    Introducing the first ever EV from Mazda

    The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show will go down in Mazda history as the location for the global unveiling of its first mass-production electric vehicle.

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  6. 4 September 2019

    What to look for when you're buying a new car

    When you consider that buying a new car is likely to be the second biggest purchase you make in your life behind your house, then it makes sense to be prepared.

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  7. 26 August 2019

    What to Look for in a Ute

    Thanks to practicality, new levels of comfort and undeniable versatility, the ute has become the most sought-after vehicle in Australia; even overtaking the popular SUV.

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  8. 14 August 2019

    Family SUV Comparison

    What is the best family SUV? The million-dollar question. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn there are almost as many answers too.

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  9. 17 July 2019

    Australia's Piece of MX-5 History

    In the cold depths of the Tasmanian rainforest in April 2001, Murray Coote made Mazda history. He just had finished the gruelling seven-day Targa Tasmania road race in 20th position, well ahead of many other fancied rivals, in car that was going to change the way the world saw the MX-5 forever.

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  10. 3 June 2019

    A New Boss for Mazda BT-50

    There’s a new pecking order for Mazda’s workhorse, with advanced audio and premium accessories qualifying Mazda BT-50 Boss for top spot in the line-up.

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